Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Body Void 2LP PRE-ORDER //
Vile Creature & Leechfeast LPs OUT NOW //
plus, Gilead Media pre-orders.

Hey there!
Things have been mad busy since that last newsletter, so lets get straight to it!

Body Void - I Live Inside A Burning House 2LP & Cassette

Following their well received debut release "Ruins" in 2016, Body Void returned to Earhammer Studios, once again under the watchful ear of Greg Wilkinson and submitted to tape an hour of painful sludge and wretched doom to welcome the year of 2018.

Continuing in the same style as fellow doom peers and labelmates Primitive Man and Keeper, as well as genre-defining bands like Khanate, Body Void built upon what they started with previous demos and "Ruins" but expanding upon what they have already manufactured to create, biased of course, what we consider one of the great doom metal records of 2018.

Pre-order vinyl here, cassette here, or here


Leechfeast - Neon Crosses LP

Dry Cough Records & Rope Or Gullotine are proud to announce 'Neon Crosses', the new record from Slovenian sludge/doom quartet, Leechfeast. This is the band's second full length release, and their first new material since the 2015 split EP with fellow filth-peddlers, Meth Drinker.

"Neon Crosses' was born from the fertile soil of false salvation, wounds left by expectations and refusal to let things go - all illuminated by the flicker of the streetlight. Cancerous nature of deteriorating urban sprawl, endless possibilities of contradiction and the slow, grandiose waltz circling the drain. The stars are shining bright, the crosses of neon even brighter..."

Order here or here.

Vile Creature - Cast Of Static And Smoke LP

Dry Cough & Halo of Flies are proud to announce Cast of Static and Smoke, the new record from Canadian two piece Vile Creature.
This album is a logical progression from their previous releases, both in sound and content. Three years ago their first LP, A Steady Descent into the Soil mirrored bleak, blackened doom metal with equally melancholy stories of growing up queer before it was part of the greater lexicon as it is today . 2016 EP A Pessimistic Doomsayer explored escaping your demons by forging relationships with works of fiction. With Cast of Static and Smoke the band have delved into building a world of their own while writing a compelling 44 minutes of suffering metal.

Cast of Static and Smoke is a record & short story. A dystopian science fiction taking place well after civilization has been destroyed by its own nuclear ambitions. The record is 4 songs that embody emotions felt by characters & moments that take place within the story, the album is less chronological and more a response to certain instances. Musically the band is as heavy as they have ever been and then some, weaving through different paces & influences with ease while maintaining their foundation in Doom.
The record also features guest contributions from members/ex-members of Cursed, False, Sect, & Former Worlds.

Order here or here.


Next two releases:

End Times LP
(co-release with At War With False Noise, DGR, Medusa Crush)

The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath LP
(co-release with the Badlads)


I'm now taking pre-orders for the next two lots of releases and represses from Gilead Media,
including the much anticipated reissues of 'Tyrant' and 'Summit' by THOU!'
Check the available titles here.

I'm also slowly working towards restocking the distro with new stuff incoming from a number of great labels, including Vendetta and Throatruiner!
Keep your eyes on the store!

Right, I'm done for now.
Thanks for reading; until next time...

Andy / Dry Cough

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Vile Creature pre-orders and streams / Ommadon / Leechfeast / Body Void / Pascagoula....

Hey there!
Wow... It's been over 6 months since I updated this! I put it down to a combination of the facts I'm busy, lazy, and I hate writing them.
Anyway, here's a brief update...

It's been relatively quiet since the Cloud Rat / Disrotted split was released. Due to various reasons, a couple of records that were originally due out last year were delayed, so now i have a bottleneck resulting in FIVE LPs coming out in the next 3-4 months.

The first of these is the new album from Canadian self-proclaimed 'Angry Queer Gloom Cult' doom duo, Vile Creature, due for release via Dry Cough and Halo Of Flies on 9th March.
You can hear for yourselves just how great this record is by checking out the two tracks currently streaming over at Invisible Oranges and Revolver Magazine. Keep your eyes open for a full album stream in the very near future....

It's early days but the reviews and write-ups it's received so far have been great; go read:
Glacially Musical
The Sound Not The Word
Metal Sucks
Vinyl pre-orders are up now here (UK/Europe) and from Halo of Flies here (North America), with cassettes available directly from the band here.

Release dates have yet to be finalised, but from late April onwards, my next four releases should arrive in the following order:

End Times LP
(co-release with At War With False Noise, DGR, Medusa Crush)
Neon Crosses
(co-release with Rope Or Guillotine)
Body Void
I Live Inside a Burning House 2LP
(co-release with Crown & Throne Ltd)
The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath LP
(co-release with the Badlads)

When release dates, streams, etc are finalised, I'll be sure to let you know, so keep your beady eyes pointed towards Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your inbox.

I mentioned last year that I wanted to increase the quality and quantity of stock in the distro, and I managed to do that by the end of 2017, however due to the need to raise much needed funds for the above, I ran a couple of sales which resulted in the stock levels dropping considerably. I intend to improve things again soon, but for the next few months my main focus will be on my own releases - which will hopefully result in a much healthier distro further down the line.

Right, I'm done for now.
Thanks for reading; until next time...

Andy / Dry Cough

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Cloud Rat / Disrotted Split LP & T-shirts // Ommadon & Bismuth Manchester show // Gilead Media pre-orders...

Hello once again
Not quite six months since the last post this time, but not far off. Seeing as Facebook and Instagram have seemingly been doing their best to keep my posts a secret, I have a few things to bring to your attention...
First up, this week is Dry Cough Records' 4th birthday (4th June to be precise, as that was the date the Plague Survivors cassette was released back in 2013), so it's quite fitting that the label's 30th release, the Cloud Rat / Disrotted split LP, is unleashed this week too. The records arrived on Thursday and they look and sound amazing. A big thanks to both bands, plus Cory at Halo Of Flies for asking me to be a part of this release; there aren't many better things in terms of running a label than getting the chance to release records by some of your favourite bands!

Just look at it!!!

Nice huh?? You can order your copy from the following links:
UK/Europe: http://www.drycoughrecords.com/product/cloud-rat-disrotted-split-lp-dc30-pre-order
USA: http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/label-releases/halo100-cloud-rat-disrotted-split-lp/
Digital: https://drycough.bandcamp.com/album/split-lp-2

I've also had some Cloud Rat and Disrotted T-shirts printed too so UK and Euro folk can get some fancy garments without having to pay the ridiculous shipping costs set by the USPS.
Cloud Rat: http://www.drycoughrecords.com/product/cloud-rat-t-shirt
Disrotted: http://www.drycoughrecords.com/product/disrotted-t-shirt

It seems that working a full time job, raising two kids and three dogs, starting a new band, and running a label obviously isn't stressful and time consuming enough, so I figured I'd raise those stress levels further by putting on another show in Manchester. Thursday 20th July will see the aural juggernaut that is the Ommadon and Bismuth tour roll into town and stop at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter; also on bill is local black metal horde Wode (promoting their just released excellent 2nd LP), plus the 'tranquil but sinister modern classical/ambient' project of Ca├»na mainman, ACB. It's going to be a pay on the door affair, just £6 for one of the best line-ups you'll see in Manchester this year. Hopefully it'll be as good as the Moloch/Savage Realm/Wode/Dawn Ray'd show from last year!

The FB event page is here; please feel free to spread the word and invite your friends (unless you and they are in another country, then that would be pointless!)

The tour will also be calling at Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Sheffield and Leeds, so if you're UK based, you have no excuses for missing this! Check out this fantastic poster from long-time Dry Cough friend and supporter, Ross McKendrick!

During my last post, I mentioned my intention to improve the quality and quantity of the stock in the distro. I've very happy to say that this has been going according to plan so far with a number of excellent releases added over the last few months. In particular, I'm very pleased to have come to an arrangement with Adam of Gilead Media, whereby Dry Cough is the sole carrier of his releases in the UK at present. Hopefully this will be an ongoing relationship, as it not only benefits both labels, but more importantly the UK/Euro folk who can now pick up Gilead releases without having to pay those extortionate USPS shipping costs I mentioned earlier.
As well as currently stocking nearly two dozen Gilead titles (Mizmor, Kowloon Walled City, Vampilia/The Body, Thou, Yellow Eyes, etc), I'm also running UK pre-orders for the next batch of Gilead releases due in July: Couch Slut, Less Art, and Ustalost LPs, plus a new False 7".
You can check out the full list of Gilead titles here:

OK, I've been at this for nearly two hours now, so I'm going to sign off. I should have news on 2-3 new releases in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on social media, maybe FB / Instagram will actually let some of you see my posts!

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Body Void & Endless Floods LPs; Upcoming releases; Distro improvements...

HOLY CRAP! I just noticed that it's been 6 whole months since I last concocted one of this damn updates! I apologise wholeheartedly for being so slack.
Rather than blather on about what I've been doing with myself since the last update, I'll get straight down business.

First up, Dry Cough's first release of 2017, Endless Floods 'II' LP, is out and available to order here.

Released in cahoots with Fvtvrecordings (France), the new album from the French sludge/doom trio (featuring members of Monarch!) has has been receiving some terrific reviews, and rightly so. It's definitely one of my favourite DC releases so far (I do love them all though!). To prove I'm not lying, you can check our some of the reviews yourself, should you so wish:

Hot on the heels of that behemoth, the end of the month sees the vinyl release of the debut LP from San Francisco doom/punk/sludge trio, Body Void.

Transylvanian Tapes put out the cassette version about 5-6 months back, but myself and Garth at Crown & Throne Ltd, jumped at the chance to give the album the wax treatment. It's a truly pummeling, relentlessly bleak affair; you'll love it. You can pre-order your copy here (UK/EU), or here (North America).

Not content with firing out two LPs in the first month of the year, I already have several more releases on the horizon, in the form of a brand new Leechfeast LP, Cloud Rat / Disrotted split LP, another new Ommadon LP, plus an as yet unannouced split 7". Hopefully these will all see the light of day by Summer.

As you can imagine, all of the above will not be cheap, which has helped me make the conscious decision to try and improve the quantity and quality of the stock in the distro, in the hope of making the label more successful (ie paying for itself!). So, rather than just relying on trades, I'll be starting to order more stock in from other labels; now this will mean that sometimes records will be priced higher than you would normally expect from me, but when you factor in shipping costs, they will still work out cheaper than you ordering a single LP from, for example, the USA.
Many of you will have noticed that I have had a couple of large deliveries from Gilead Media recently, and I'm thrilled to say that it looks like this will be a regular occurrence from now on, and hopefully I will try and do the same with some of the other quality overseas labels. If there are ever any bands or labels that you think I should stock, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I'm boring myself...
Until next time
Andy / Dry Cough

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Monoliths LP preorder & stream // Leechfeast / Meth Drinker 12" repress.

Hello again!

It feels like an age since I posted on here; I put it down to a combination of being too busy, and the simple fact that I hate writing them! So, this time, I shall keep it (brief and to the point.

First up, Dry Cough's newest release is now available to pre-order. 1st July 2016 will see the release of the debut full length by new UK doom trio, Monoliths.
The band is made up of three friends, who also happen to be members of three of the UK's finest doom/sludge bands (and all with previous releases by yours truly!): Bismuth, Moloch, and Ommadon. So if you're familiar with the aural misery spewed forth by this trio, I'm confident you'll dig this. The sleeve features the amazing artwork of longtime DC supporter and all round good chap, Ross D McKendrick.

You can hear the entire record in full now over at CVLT Nation. Just click here.

So far the record has received a fantastic response; and just to prove it, here's three of the first reviews:
Echoes & Dust: http://echoesanddust.com/2016/06/monoliths-monoliths/
The Sludgelord: http://thesludgelord.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/monoliths-monoliths-album-review.html?m=1
Nine Hertz: https://www.ninehertz.co.uk/viewitem/4752

You can preorder your copy from me here; or if you're in North America, head over to Crown & Throne Ltd, here.

The repress of the long sold out Leechfeast / Meth Drinker split 12" is finally here. Due to the fact that Raw Birth Records is no longer active, this is co-released with the excellent Rope Or Guillotine Records from the Netherlands. We decided not to go with a different coloured vinyl (hell, we're not Rise Above!!!), so other than a couple of minor differences (the sticker on the front is different for a start!), this version is almost identical to the first pressing. You can order this here.

Since the last newsletter, the new Ommadon LP arrived and has sold very well indeed, whilst garnering some great reviews from folk in the know. I have about 20 copies left of this beast, so if you haven't bought a copy yet, I wouldn't advise waiting too long.
And whilst I'm on the subject of records being close to selling out, I'm down to single figures on both the Moloch / Lich and Primitive Man / Sea Bastard splits, as well as the Opium Lord LP. Grab these whilst you can as once they're gone, they're gone!

Once the Monoliths record is released, it looks like it'll be a few months before there are any more Dry Cough releases. I have 3-4 new titles in the pipeline (with hopefully at least two of these seeing the light of day before the end of the year), with a couple of other things mooted for early 2017. Watch this space.

The last few weeks has also seen plenty of new titles added to the distro courtesy of such great labels as Halo Of Flies, Elder Magick, Vendetta, Gilead Media, Crown & Throne Ltd, and Throne Records, so please head over and spend some money!

Right, I'm done. That wasn't quite as brief as I expected was it?! Sorry!
Until next time...

Andy / Dry Cough

Monday, 14 March 2016

Ommadon stream and pre-order, Moloch / Lich & Primitive Man / Sea Bastard Splits now in!

I'm in the midst of my busiest -and most stressful - period yet doing this label lark, here's a quick recap of recent goings on:

The brand new Ommadon self-titled LP (co-released with Burning World & Medusa Crush Recordings), is up for pre-order, and is now streaming in full over at CVLT Nation, here.

The long awaited Moloch / Lich split, and ultra-heavy PRIMITIVE MAN / Sea Bastard split, are both in stock and available to order.

My batch of copies of the HALO OF FLIES-released Primitive Man / NORTHLESS split are currently with UK customs; they should hopefully be here later this week so all those folk who pre-ordered it shouldn't have to wait too much longer.

Rope or Guillotine and myself (Raw Birth Records has sadly called it a day) are repressing the Leechfeast / Meth Drinker split. These now won't be with us until mid-May.

The next Dry Cough release is pretty much ready to send off to press; more news on that in the coming weeks.

And finally, I should have some new distro stock showing up soon too. Very exciting.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Moloch / Lich, Primitive Man / Sea Bastard, Bismuth...

Hello once again!

There's been a fair bit happening since I last concocted one of these damn things, but I'll keep it brief:

First up, the near 2 year wait is finally over! The lesser-spotted Moloch / Lich split LP is finally available to pre-order. There were times when I thought this release would never materialise, but thankfully everybody's patience has paid off and they will be due to ship at the beginning of February. You can stream the entire thing here.

Next up, the Primitive Man / Sea Bastard split LP is imminent. Test presses were approved a few weeks ago but we had some issues getting the artwork finished. That is all (hopefully!) done, now we're just waiting for a shipment date from the pressing plant. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive stream and pre-orders very soon.

As most of you will be aware, since the last newsletter, I co-released the crushing (that word isn't overused in doom circles is it!??!) debut full length from Nottingham doom duo, Bismuth. This has garnered some great reviews and well deserved plaudits, which means it has been selling pretty quick;  I now have less than 10 copies of this beast left, so I wouldn't leave it too long before grabbing yourself one!
In other news, I have two other LPs in early stages of production that will see the light of day before summer if all goes to plan (more info on these soon); plus a couple of other things I've agreed to for later in the year. It's all terribly exciting.

I still have copies of the Opium Lord, Ommadon, and Open Tomb LPs, plus the Sickmark, Big Machine and (one) Moloch/Haggatha 7's left, as well as some choice stuff in the distro.

That's all for now, so until next time....