Sunday, 1 March 2015

Having only released the Open Tomb LP and Keeper/Sea Bastard split since last August things have felt pretty slow here; after waiting for what feels like an eternity I can finally reveal a plethora of awesome new releases for the coming months.

DC17 - Big Machine 7" (co-release with Black Lake, Boslevan,  & Barely Regal)
First up is the debut 7" from this Manchester-based duo, featuring 2 members of the excellent crusty-hardcore outfit Hammers. Seven short blasts of fast/slow sludgey hardcore.

DC18 - Leechfeast Meth Drinker split 12" (co-release with Raw Birth)
Split 12" featuring one track each from Slovenia's murky crusty sludgers Leechfeast, and another from New Zealand's disturbing sludge trio, Meth Drinker. Perfect summer music.

DC19 - NIGHTSLUG LP (co-release with Broken Limbs & Lost Pilgrims)
Second full length from the German three-piece offers more fucked up punk-infused sludge. Not for the faint-hearted.

DC20 - SICKMARK 7" (co-release with Dead Heroes, Pain Of Mind, & Rope Or Guillotine)
The second 7" from the German band mark's Dry Cough's first foray into the world of powerviolence. This is record is fast, frantic, frenetic, and fucking brilliant.

DC21 - Lich / Moloch split LP (co-release with Vetala Productions & Vendetta Records)
This split LP feature the final 8 tracks recorded by the staunchly DIY - and sadly defunct - Margate hardcore outfit Lich. Brutal stuff. The flip side contains two tracks from possibly my favourite band right now, Nottingham hate-mongers Moloch. 

DC-- - Primitive Man / Sea Of Bones split (co-release with Broken Limbs)
Split from two of the USA's finest heavy bands: Denver's blackened sludge-doom juggernaut PM, and New Haven's crushing atmospheric doom outfit SoB.

I think you'll agree when I say that's a pretty fine list of bands/releases!

In other news, I have now sold out of the Sea Bastard 'Scabrous' 2LP and have just a handful of the Keeper/Sea Bastard split and Coltsblood 'Into The Unfathomable Abyss' 2LPs left, plus copies of the Open Tomb 'Dead Weight' LP,  Ommadon 'V' 2LP, and the Moloch/ Haggatha split 7".
You can listen to all the Dry Cough releases over at the bandcamp page.

There's been some additions to the distro in the last few weeks with stuff from Halo Of Flies, Vendetta Records, Shove Records and Fuck Yoga, with a parcel from Breathe Plastic imminent:

Hexis​ / This Gift is A Curse​ - Split 7"
Abstracter​ - Wound Robotic Empire​ LP
Children Of god​ / Bréag Naofa​ - Split 7"
Primitive Man​ / Hexis - Split 10"
Khmer​ - Nubes Que Anuncian Tormenta LP
Protestant​ - Reclamation LP
Pine Barrens​ / Grinding Halt​ split 7"
Suffering Mind​ / Guantanamo Party Program​ - split 7"
Ruins​ / Usnea​ - Split 7"

Forn - The Departure Of Conciousness LP (2nd press)
Depressor - Filth/Grace LP
Od Vratot Nadolu - Ziva LP

That's all for now. 

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