Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nightslug 'Loathe' LP Pre-order and Exclusive Cvlt Nation Stream!

Dry Cough Records is extremely proud to bring you the second full length release from German sludge-punks, Nightslug.

Hailing from Dusseldorf, the trio create bilious, fuzz n' feedback drenched sludge riddled with nods to the members' hardcore-punk roots. Their previous two releases, both on Per Koro Records, were well received and coupled with regular shows around Europe, helped cement their reputation as one of the finest horrible, snarling, hate-filled bands around.

'Loathe' follows on perfectly from their debut LP, the excellently titled 'Dismal Fucker'; there's a little less doom in their sound this time around, with a welcome dose of hardcore-infused speed and tempo on a couple of songs, but the 7 tracks are still unmistakably Nightslug: crushing riffs, pissed-off vocals and sheer hatred, making for one of the heaviest, filthiest records of the year.
500 copies (200 Yellow / 300 Black) in heavy card sleeves featuring artwork by drummer Fabian.
Co-release with Broken Limbs Recordings (US) and Lost Pilgrims Records (FRA)

You can pre-order the LP from the Dry Cough store here. They will ship on or around the 9th June

You can hear the entire album via the exclusive Cvlt Nation stream:

And check out the excellent video for the track 'Loathe', via Sludge Worm Magazine

Song- und Videopremiere: NIGHTSLUG - Loathe from Sludge Worm Magazine on Vimeo.


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