Sunday, 19 October 2014

As well as my own releases (obviously!) there's some awesome records/tapes in the distro at the minute! Here's some of my favourite recent acquisitions, get your wallets out (well, paypal accounts!):

Vermin Womb - Permanence 12" & CS (Primitive's Ethan Lee Mc Carthy's other band - just as horrible as PM!)
Water Torture - Pill Box LP (noise-infused bass-heavy powerviolence)
Protestant - In Thy Name LP (dark crusty hardcore from the Milwaukee band fronted by HALO OF FLIES' very own Cory Von Bohlen)
Keeper - MMXIV CS (Stunning first release from the Californian doom outfit. Split LP with Sea Bastard coming soon!)
Fange - Poisse LP (massive sludge from France featuring members of Huata).

The free shipping offer on all orders of £35 and over still applies too, just enter the code OHMYGLOB

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