Saturday, 4 October 2014

You can get free WORLDWIDE shipping on all orders of £35 and over with the code OHMYGLOB at the Dry Cough Records store!

This offer is valid until I decide otherwise... Unless I drop dead before ending it... Then it will last until the end of time... But you probably won't receive the records if that happens... 

There's been a fair bit of new stock added to the distro in the last week or two, most recently from Tartarus Records and Crucicados: Bottom Feeder, Internal Rot, Meth Drinker, Moloch, Suffering Mind, Protestant, Sex Dwarf, Warthreat, P.L.F., Closure, Torn Apart, Mouth, Bonestorm, Dead Instrument, GALG, Grizzly Man, Venowl, Highgate, O, Vermin Womb, and Ethereal Riffian

Go take a look!

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