Saturday, 3 June 2017

Cloud Rat / Disrotted Split LP & T-shirts // Ommadon & Bismuth Manchester show // Gilead Media pre-orders...

Hello once again
Not quite six months since the last post this time, but not far off. Seeing as Facebook and Instagram have seemingly been doing their best to keep my posts a secret, I have a few things to bring to your attention...
First up, this week is Dry Cough Records' 4th birthday (4th June to be precise, as that was the date the Plague Survivors cassette was released back in 2013), so it's quite fitting that the label's 30th release, the Cloud Rat / Disrotted split LP, is unleashed this week too. The records arrived on Thursday and they look and sound amazing. A big thanks to both bands, plus Cory at Halo Of Flies for asking me to be a part of this release; there aren't many better things in terms of running a label than getting the chance to release records by some of your favourite bands!

Just look at it!!!

Nice huh?? You can order your copy from the following links:

I've also had some Cloud Rat and Disrotted T-shirts printed too so UK and Euro folk can get some fancy garments without having to pay the ridiculous shipping costs set by the USPS.
Cloud Rat:

It seems that working a full time job, raising two kids and three dogs, starting a new band, and running a label obviously isn't stressful and time consuming enough, so I figured I'd raise those stress levels further by putting on another show in Manchester. Thursday 20th July will see the aural juggernaut that is the Ommadon and Bismuth tour roll into town and stop at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter; also on bill is local black metal horde Wode (promoting their just released excellent 2nd LP), plus the 'tranquil but sinister modern classical/ambient' project of Ca├»na mainman, ACB. It's going to be a pay on the door affair, just £6 for one of the best line-ups you'll see in Manchester this year. Hopefully it'll be as good as the Moloch/Savage Realm/Wode/Dawn Ray'd show from last year!

The FB event page is here; please feel free to spread the word and invite your friends (unless you and they are in another country, then that would be pointless!)

The tour will also be calling at Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Sheffield and Leeds, so if you're UK based, you have no excuses for missing this! Check out this fantastic poster from long-time Dry Cough friend and supporter, Ross McKendrick!

During my last post, I mentioned my intention to improve the quality and quantity of the stock in the distro. I've very happy to say that this has been going according to plan so far with a number of excellent releases added over the last few months. In particular, I'm very pleased to have come to an arrangement with Adam of Gilead Media, whereby Dry Cough is the sole carrier of his releases in the UK at present. Hopefully this will be an ongoing relationship, as it not only benefits both labels, but more importantly the UK/Euro folk who can now pick up Gilead releases without having to pay those extortionate USPS shipping costs I mentioned earlier.
As well as currently stocking nearly two dozen Gilead titles (Mizmor, Kowloon Walled City, Vampilia/The Body, Thou, Yellow Eyes, etc), I'm also running UK pre-orders for the next batch of Gilead releases due in July: Couch Slut, Less Art, and Ustalost LPs, plus a new False 7".
You can check out the full list of Gilead titles here:

OK, I've been at this for nearly two hours now, so I'm going to sign off. I should have news on 2-3 new releases in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on social media, maybe FB / Instagram will actually let some of you see my posts!

Thanks for reading.

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