Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Body Void 2LP PRE-ORDER //
Vile Creature & Leechfeast LPs OUT NOW //
plus, Gilead Media pre-orders.

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Body Void - I Live Inside A Burning House 2LP & Cassette

Following their well received debut release "Ruins" in 2016, Body Void returned to Earhammer Studios, once again under the watchful ear of Greg Wilkinson and submitted to tape an hour of painful sludge and wretched doom to welcome the year of 2018.

Continuing in the same style as fellow doom peers and labelmates Primitive Man and Keeper, as well as genre-defining bands like Khanate, Body Void built upon what they started with previous demos and "Ruins" but expanding upon what they have already manufactured to create, biased of course, what we consider one of the great doom metal records of 2018.

Pre-order vinyl here, cassette here, or here


Leechfeast - Neon Crosses LP

Dry Cough Records & Rope Or Gullotine are proud to announce 'Neon Crosses', the new record from Slovenian sludge/doom quartet, Leechfeast. This is the band's second full length release, and their first new material since the 2015 split EP with fellow filth-peddlers, Meth Drinker.

"Neon Crosses' was born from the fertile soil of false salvation, wounds left by expectations and refusal to let things go - all illuminated by the flicker of the streetlight. Cancerous nature of deteriorating urban sprawl, endless possibilities of contradiction and the slow, grandiose waltz circling the drain. The stars are shining bright, the crosses of neon even brighter..."

Order here or here.

Vile Creature - Cast Of Static And Smoke LP

Dry Cough & Halo of Flies are proud to announce Cast of Static and Smoke, the new record from Canadian two piece Vile Creature.
This album is a logical progression from their previous releases, both in sound and content. Three years ago their first LP, A Steady Descent into the Soil mirrored bleak, blackened doom metal with equally melancholy stories of growing up queer before it was part of the greater lexicon as it is today . 2016 EP A Pessimistic Doomsayer explored escaping your demons by forging relationships with works of fiction. With Cast of Static and Smoke the band have delved into building a world of their own while writing a compelling 44 minutes of suffering metal.

Cast of Static and Smoke is a record & short story. A dystopian science fiction taking place well after civilization has been destroyed by its own nuclear ambitions. The record is 4 songs that embody emotions felt by characters & moments that take place within the story, the album is less chronological and more a response to certain instances. Musically the band is as heavy as they have ever been and then some, weaving through different paces & influences with ease while maintaining their foundation in Doom.
The record also features guest contributions from members/ex-members of Cursed, False, Sect, & Former Worlds.

Order here or here.


Next two releases:

End Times LP
(co-release with At War With False Noise, DGR, Medusa Crush)

The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath LP
(co-release with the Badlads)


I'm now taking pre-orders for the next two lots of releases and represses from Gilead Media,
including the much anticipated reissues of 'Tyrant' and 'Summit' by THOU!'
Check the available titles here.

I'm also slowly working towards restocking the distro with new stuff incoming from a number of great labels, including Vendetta and Throatruiner!
Keep your eyes on the store!

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